As humans has advanced in technology, unintentionally they are also responsible for huge climatic changes like green house effects and pollutants causing global warming resulting into droughts and floods.

Similarly global warming has fastened the melting rate of the glaciers across Himalayas and in other polar regions.

For understanding the real behaviors of the glacial melting and movement, environmental monitoring is one of the basic studies along with hydrological studies like water level and discharge being conducted by the glaciologist communities across the globe.

Glacial environmental studies requires some additional parameters like:

  • Snow Pillows
  • Net Radiometer
  • Snow Surface Temperature/ Infrared Radiometers
  • Snow Depth
  • All Weather Precipitation Gauges

FSP-Fluidless Snow pillows

Fluidless Snow pillows from Alpine Hydromet are outcome of the research interests of the founder to make the snow water equivalent (SWE) more accurate, reliable and handy to carry and install in the tough glacier terrains.

Salient features:

  • Up to 120” of SWE
  • SDI-12 output
  • Optional Individual Loadcell Output*
  • Custom Design Options
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Profile
  • No Piece Heavier than 35 lbs.
  • Compact Modular Design


This steam drill device can be used:

  • for the setting of ablation stakes, surveying and marking poles,
  • for the insertion of measuring instruments, trestles for scientific equipment,
  • anchoring and explosive charges,
  • for measuring the thickness of firn and ice,
  • to observe water levels,
  • to decover buried people,
  • to melt the ice in gutter pipes.

Salient Features:

  • can completely be carried on the back like a rucksack leaving the hands free;
  • can be operated by one single person: fill in water, ignite the gas burner,
  • start drilling after 10 minutes preheating, drilling pipe melts itself into the
  • ice, no expenditure of force;
  • drills rapidly: after preheating it takes just 12-15 minutes to drill 6 meters
  • deep into the ice, about 25-30 minutes for 12 meters;
  • drills holes of 30-35 mm diameter;
  • drilling holes of greater diameter is possible with special drill tips;
  • operates on gas cartridges or on gas bottles containing propane or butane;
  • comes with an integrated snowmelt device;
  • is packed in a solid aluminum transport box in which the complete device
  • can be left at the drilling site all year around;
  • is in use in Alaska, the Alps, Antarctica, Central Asia, Greenland, the
  • Himalayas, Iceland, NewZealand, Pyrenees, Rocky Mountains, Scandinavia,
  • Siberia, South America and Spitsbergen.

The maximum possible drilling depth is 13 meters in ice (standard equipment), or 18 meters in ice and 30 meters in firn with additional hoses. The total weight of the complete drilling equipment as a load on your back (incl. 3 full gas cartridges and one 8m-bore hose) is 16 kg.

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